• Meet @maxocadel

    How did the idea of ​​the expedition came up?

    It starts with the simple fact of not ending being left outside. Franco, my friend and bandmate, received a call from Dani, his brother. Dani was about to start a pilot trip with Aleix on their bikes in the Australian Outback and was inviting Franco to go around the country with them next year. Such a daring undertaking, but so exciting that I decided to Skype call Dani and tell him that I wanted to record with my camera and sound every second of this madness.

    I travel with my best friend to show our music to the world for the second time.

    How can I say no to such a beautiful opportunity?


    Why Australia?

    It´s a vast country, with many colors and cultures to know. Oceania, the continent that I still didn’t visit (I don’t know Asia either, but after so much cycling a rest in the beaches of Indonesia isn’t a bad idea). The animals, the desert, the solitude needed to live connected with nature, the sounds of the desert. However Australia is not the main reason, the main thing is the adventure with 3 friends, the loss of time, the goals to fulfill, the self-improvement and thousands of other reasons that I can not describe without being on the road.

    What are you looking for with the project? What is your role?

    I seek to expand the relationship I have with others and with myself. I also want to show the music that we do together with Franco with Guampas del Sur and give a clear and coherent message that putting ourselves to the test is important to overcome ourselves. I consider my role to be mostly musical. Traveling draws to composing, on inspiration.

    Obviously, this does not mean that inspiration comes out in a magical way, you have to search for it, but the conditions are very prone. I also seek to improve in all aspects my career as a sound designer and editor. This project makes me believe that things done with energy and positivism can generate an interesting change in the way I live and in the lives of those around me.

    What kind of preparation do you carry out?

    I started in 2016 to understand or begin to understand what the bike means in my life. After several years driving, I crashed and the car was left in the trash. From that moment onwards the bike was introduced to my life as a means of transport that helped me move easily and quickly wherever I wanted. At first, they were short distances and today I can say that I am getting better every day. It is undoubtedly my means of transportation in my day to day. Anyway, physically I have a lot of work to do and the months before starting the expedition are key. Improving the physical aspect leads me to improve the mental aspect. I am confident and want to make this trip that I consider can be the engine of many positive things. I am calm and with expectations, but the commitment has to grow every day. It’s the only way to get there.

    What sacrifices does such a project imply?

    When I speak of commitment I refer to this point. The sacrifice that implies this trip is the absolute devotion to the project, from now until the end. Yesterday, today and tomorrow my mind is traveling in Australia and my energies are set to achieve this beautiful project that proposed and leads Dani. It requires the dispossession of everyday things to open the door to an unknown world. Most of my life, almost all of it, I lived in the city moving inside it. I want to feel what it is to live in harmony with nature during all the expedition. Cycling under the sun, rain, flies, sky and animals.

    What would be a successful trip?

    Being on Australian land along with Franco, Dani and Aleix already fulfills the materialization of the trip, that would be a success. From then onwards, give everything of me to be able to succeed with the mission.

    Do you have fears towards the project? Which ones?

    It´s a feeling of adrenaline rather than fear. I am anxious to be there and start cycling. I have never done such an intense adventure, I do not know what it feels like to pedal so many miles for such a long time but I think we are going to be constantly motivated.

    What will be the key to complete the trip?

    I find it hard to think of it from the train seat I’m sitting on, many of these answers will come when being on the bike. I consider the relationship of the group to be the most important fact, to have the personal and group objectives clear, to make plenty of music and to rest.

    What expectations do you have towards the group?

    We will connect very well. With Franco, we traveled and we got along very well. Daniel is clear about what he wants and constantly pushes us forward. I will meet Aleix personally in a few weeks but surely we will get along very well. He with the camera and me with the sound will make an interesting combination.

    What do your peers think about the decision?

    Everyone thinks very positively about the trip. They know it’s a very important opportunity in my life. Both my family and my friends think we have what it takes to do a project and expedition like this one.

    What is the future of Bikings?

    Have a production agency. Build something big that enhance all the ones involved. It would be fascinating to be able to support / finance projects of people who want to make sports trips and give them the technical equipment to register/document them.