Meet @francobicicleta

How did the idea of ​​the expedition came up?

A telephone call released the adrenaline for the adventure. It was a simple, honest and a clear proposal. Pedaling regardless where or when; rather together and for a while. It all happened in the table of that bar. My pulse increased and my dreams came to life. I was full of adrenaline, euphoric. Nothing was settled. The idea was forged and since then we started developing it.

Why Australia?

As months went by, several routes were evaluated. Having cycled in routes of the European continent I wanted to explore others. Dani was fascinated by his visit to Australia. Low population density, animal diversity and aboriginal culture. An island that is inhabited more than forty thousand years ago must have much to teach if attention and time are available.

What are you looking for with the project? What is your role?

Generate content. Draw attention so that we can transmit. I want to be a source of inspiration through our daily effort. Generate movement through the example.

Raise awareness when it is necessary and assure that food is NEVER missing. I think the role will change according to the needs of the group along the trip. Quoting Plato “Music is for the soul what gymnastics for the body”


What kind of preparation do you carry out?

The bicycle is the means of transport that I have by excellence. Only days of rain and storm are the ones that make me take a bus. Since the trip was proposed I started swimming weekly and I ventured into running. I even had the courage to run an adventure marathon in Tandil, in Buenos Aires province. The mind is the engine in this type of travel. Muscular memory and the support of Esteban (brother and personal trainer) make the routine work go unnoticed. The biggest sacrifice is the one I make when traveling 4 hours a day to get to and from the office to my house. Patience is key and I practice it from dawn.

What sacrifices does such a project imply?

Absolute devotion, attention. Make one hundred percent focus on the steps to follow in order to make the project feasible. Pedaling under the sun and the night spent in the tent is one more thing within the structure. Hours of dedication to the body, mind and spirit after working days. Leave aside other musical and work proposals. Changing eating habits.

What would be a successful trip?

Landing in Australia all together The mere fact that the idea is materialized fulfills all my expectations. Years of conversations, living in different cardinal points of the world breaking with structures. Everyone did what he had to do, left everything and that’s why we landed.

Do you have fears towards the project? Which ones?

At school, I participated in musical comedies. During the rehearsals, there was no adrenaline or even “scenic panic”. The last rehearsal that used to be in the theater was already full of emotion. Nowadays I am not afraid or hesitant, however, when I’ll be in front of the plane ticket, packing the bicycle, or doing of last-minute paperwork, the adrenaline appears. In fact, as I write these lines, a tingling in the spine becomes present and the smile immediately arises. Fear is a friend.

What will be the key to complete the trip?

Perseverance and discipline. Honesty and patience are just as important when it comes to putting a halt to the body, force rest and empathy above all things.

What expectations do you have towards the group?

Absolute dedication and a unique connection. We all have sport as nexus, music as a link and as human, brothers. By sharing principles and values, development takes place harmoniously. It will certainly be an experience that will shape not only our physicists but also our personal relationships and as a group.

What do your peers think about the decision?

From that phone call onwards my speech has always been “I’m leaving”. I have never given place to think about time, health or money. I had a non-linear thought. I want to do it. When your best friend and brother cooperate in the mental process, there is a strong push. Their questions-constraints are taken as problems to solve instead of questioning. It has been a great help sharing and openness to dialogue is key.

What is the future of Bikings?

An audiovisual production agency that encourages young people to carry out altruistic projects. The Aconcagua is a documentary that I have in mind when finished this first one and the Andes mountains is a place I want to visit.


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  2. Hey Franco,
    Met these guys out on the Nullarbor whilst driving Australia. Shared a few cold ones from my Eskie and listened to tales of their amazing tour plan. Good luck guys and don’t give up!!

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