Traveling with music

This time we had decided not to go to the Roadhouse and to camp 10 km. before in the “bush”. We know that in the stations they charge 20 dollars for setting up the tent and we could definitely avoid it. It’s literally the same thing to go to sleep in the middle of nowhere than in the middle of nowhere but with 6 persons near you. Then we slept and for the first time we set a fire for dinner. It was a different night where we all felt trapped by the flames and the silence became present in an atmosphere of joy. I could assure that we all felt good and confortable that night.

We were being happy, which is always an instant moment and we tend not to notice. This time, I’m sure we did.

Our first bonfire.

Waking up was a thing of every day and the discipline of getting on the bike and pedaling too. Oatmeal with cereal, some honey, and water to start what would be a hot cycling day under a brilliant sun above our helmets. We started slowly so that the legs got into the rhythm and little by little they remembered what they would to do for the rest of the day, except that this time something different happened.

10 km after starting we came across the Roadhouse, which, as I mentioned before, we were not going to stop because we did not need anything and didn´t want to spend any money. Dani, who was ahead of us, had the interesting idea of entering the station and buying cookies for everyone. Once we have eaten them, we would follow the course.

We found the place beautiful. It had a different energy to the other Roadhouses where we´ve been and we could hear a very cheerful music. A kind of summer reggae. The intense sun felt beautiful.

Mundrabilla´s Roadhouse from the outside.

We walked a few meters in and saw a grass that invited us to rest, some tables to sit down and some people that were interested in our story. Franco was the first to take a step forward and started a conversation with the manager of the place. Her name was “Mari” and she gave us 2 bags of oatmeal because we were running out of them. We told her about the project and she empathized with us straight away.

¨We are 4 young guys riding our bicycles all the way around Australia. We film, we like to play music and talk with people. We would like to play here today and generate a good atmosphere. You can see what we do. Here you have a sticker. The Bikings Project, search us on the internet. “

Something like that is what introduces us to people (not always obviously) and makes them interested in our project.  We arranged with Mari that we could play at night in the bar and that we could camp for free. With only 10 kms. done throughout the whole day we embraced happily with the fact of staying one day in that roadhouse.

From there on everything was crazy.

We met Matthew. An English cyclist who stayed with us to camp and enjoy some songs. He told us that he started with a project of traveling all over Australia by foot. The trip presented some complications of “human relation” level that made him chose to continue alone on a bicycle. He is a very interesting person and with a humor very similar to ours, so getting along was easy. Inside the Roadhouse the employees were very good people. They gave us food and a few beers as a gift. Many people arrived and the atmosphere was improving more and more. A truck driver was very happy with everything and clapped loudly and bought beers. Later, 4 young people arrived. One from Portugal with his friend from Germany who traveled together making music, a situation identical to mine with Franco. They were with two friends, one from Sweden and one from France. Everyone joined in the singing and a couple of musicians played a few songs. It was very good to listen to them and they did it very well. They also played songs in English and that got people to sing and dance. It was awesome. We all congratulated ourselves for being good, kind and making others have a good time, despite not knowing each other.


The name of this Roadhouse is “Mundrabilla” and it is very close to the border between Western Australia and South Australia. It is in a very remote place where the people who live there relate to each other every day. It is a very dry and desert place. They constantly receive Australians, tourists, cyclists, travelers and other many people from all over the world. I would like to highlight an interesting thing. Without knowing each other, we decided to give ourselves a good time with each other. And what a good time. Unique and authentic. Full of interest, especially open to receive and give.

FULL of music, like always.

writen by @maxocadel

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